Myanmar Fashion’s New Wave

This is the second time celebrated designer May Myat Waso has participated in John Lwin’s Myanmar International Fashion Week. “I modernize traditional dresses,” she told Myanmore. One of Myanmar’s biggest fashion stars, May Myat Waso has shown her work in over 30 local and three international fashion shows. She began designing in 2007 and recently opened a fashion school. Her show this year, at 7pm on Saturday evening, will have three rounds: uniforms, followed by evening dresses, followed by traditional [...]

Fashion in focus

There is a saying in Myanmar that “the glory of a man is his strong arms; the glory of women is her black healthy hair in a big tight knot”. Today, however, many Myanmar women no longer have long enough hair to make even a small knot. Others may have long hair, but dye it a different colour, following trends borrowed from other countries. Clothing, however, remains the biggest change in Myanmar fashion of late. I have heard that in the [...]

Film and fashion echo each other in the sense

“Film and fashion echo each other in the sense that they’re sort of a condensation of our daily lives,” Metrograph programmer Aliza Ma told Vanity Fair. “And they turn the things that happen during our lives into a narrative, a metaphor, an iconography.” The afternoon-long event in the middle of N.Y.F.W. was an effort to allow fashion and film people to interact for more than a few minutes, an increasing rarity during one of the most over-scheduled weeks on fashion’s calendar. “Yes, [they] have [...]

Designer and creative director of Ikiré Jones

For Walé Oyéjidé, designer and creative director of Ikiré Jones, whose designs also appear in Black Panther, the event was a way to use “fashion as a vehicle to actually, tangibly help people.” (The designs will be auctioned via Charitybuzz in support of Save the Children.) “If this became a normalized thing, if we always did this,” he said, “it would make [fashion] more inspiring and make the public at large that much more confident and interested in what and why we do [...]